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Email information

Setting up email addresses | Managing your emails

Creating mailboxes

Creating mailboxes is easy through your Control Panel.

Due to change in hosting provider, this section and page is under review for updating.

Retrieving and managing emails

Once an email address has been created, any emails sent to that address will be stored on a special computer or webserver at the hosting company. There are 2 main methods to manage and retrieve the emails for that address.


This is a basic online service supplied by the web hosting company. In this case your emails will remain stored on the mailserver and you manage them directly by connecting to it online through the web browser you used to browse the Internet. If you are on a Windows PC this is likely to be Internet Explorer. Visit our Webmail information page for more information about using Webmail.

Using an email client

If you use different computers to check your emails or travel a lot, you may find webmail a more convenient way to manage your emails. If you are looking for more advanced features or would prefer to manage your emails on your own computer or mobile device, then you will need to set up an email program on your computer to interact with the mailserver. This allows the program to connect to the mailserver over the Internet and download the emails to your computer.

The procedure for configuring an email program is not difficult, you just have to enter some settings into your email program so it has the information and authorisation required to interact with the mailserver.

Here are some general points to be aware of when configuring email accounts in an email program.

Email Protocols

At some point during your account setup you will be given a choice to use IMAP or POP protocol. The main difference between the two is that IMAP allows you to view and manage emails on the server, without downloading them to your computer. POP will download the emails and store them in your email program.

If you are using POP then you may need to set it to delete emails on the server, or your mailbox on the server can become full and you will have to manually delete files using webmail. When your mailbox is almost full you will receive an mail quota warning via email. At that point you should take action as once full, you will no longer be able to receive emails.