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Our web design work:

What we did:

  • Tidied up the site structure
  • Added a new banner with animation
  • Optimised the site for the search engines
  • Backlink building

Our services

Ntech Wind & Solar Products

Ntech Renewables EU is a UK company dedicated to the research, developmentĀ and marketing of a range of wind and solar powered products.

Ntech Wind & Solar Products Website


The Work

The client needed to move his website to a new company and chose us to manage and host the site for him. We transferred the site files and then updated the products and made some improvements to the layout. We also redesigned the banner and added an animated gif of a wind turbine. We did a fair amount of backlink building as well as optimising the site for the search engines. As a result visits increased dramatically and the client began to receive enquiries from the site.