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Our web design work:

What we did:

  • Designed a logo
  • Designed web page visuals in Photoshop
  • Created a Joomla template
  • Built the web pages using Joomla CMS
  • Added multilingual support and translated page
  • Issued user specific guides in the management of the site

Our services

Senior Connect, Netherlands

New website for a Dutch company looking to provide recruitment services for mature professionals aged 45+.

Senior Connect Recruitment website


The Work

The first step was to design a logo for the client, which dictated the design of the visual. As the client was looking to advertise jobs, we selected a Joomla extension called Joomba Jobs, which offered a great deal more functionality than the client needed at this time. We therefore had to trim this down to remove certain elements, leaving the client the option to reinstate them as the business grew. We also had to configure the Job Board and adjust the styles to match with the website.

We then installed the Falang language extension and this was used to build much of the content translations. We also installed the Dutch language pack for Joomla and for Joombah Jobs. Many of the core language files had to be edited in translation.