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What we did:

  • Created a visual using the customer's existing logo
  • Constructed a standard HTML/CSS website
  • Added a sliding menu feature
  • Optimised the site for the search engines
  • Sliding menu feature

Our services

Kitchens Doors & Floors

Introducing Marcus, an amazing carpenter and joiner working in South West London and Surrey with a extended set of skills!

Carpentry and Joinery services south west London and Surrey


The Work

Marcus excels at what he does but falls a little short when it comes to providing material for a website and explaining his vision and requirements. We helped as much as we could and I showed him various websites for similar kinds of businesses to get a feel for what he liked. He was super keen on a sliding menu on one of these sites so we sorted out a Javascript solution to add this to his website and sourced some photos for this.