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Email information

Using Webmail to manage your emails

Email Accounts

All customer who have their own domain name and a web hosting package can have email addresses set up with that domain name, for example Before the @ symbol you can have virtually any prefix you like as long as it doesn't contain any unusual characters.

What is Webmail

Webmail is an online service that enables you to manage and respond to your emails on the web, hence the name 'webmail'. There is a separate webmail service for each email address that you create via the Control Panel. Webmail can be accessed from the Control Panel, but also directly at, where you can log in using the email address and the password that was used to create this email address.

Please note: Outitgoes is a third party webmail system that comes with the web hosting package we purchase from our web hosting provider. Lakeland Web Design is not affiliated with Outitgoes in any way and we only provide support for our clients who have purchased managed hosting through us.

Creating an email

Click the button New in the top left corner and select New Email from the drop down.

To: Type in the recipient's email address, or start typing the name of someone in your address
book - Webmail will make suggestions as you type. In order to send to multiple email address, type them one
at a time, pressing Enter after each one.

Subject: Type in the subject of the message. Clicking the 'More' link allows you to specify cc: and bcc: addresses. Compose your message in the large text area. Some basic formatting tools are available.

Click the Send button (bottom right) to send the mail.

Adding attachments to your email

To attach files to your email messages, first click the Add Attachment button (bottom right) while creating a new email. A pop-up window will allow you to select a file from your computer to attach. Click the "Browse" button to select a file from your hard drive. When you have selected the file you want to send click "OK". Once files are uploaded, you can check the size of the attachment and choose to delete the file if it is too large. Multiple attachments are supported.


You can create a signature to be appended to the bottom of each email message you send. To add a signature go to the Settings tab in the top menu and then scroll down to the bottom. You will see a basic Editor box where you can type in and format your signature. You can also add a logo but this can't be uploaded, you have to link to an image that has been previously uploaded to your website, or indeed any web location. Clicking the picture icon will bring up a URL box where you can put the location of the image. You may need some assistance from your web designer to set this up for you.